Try Out these Hacks for Newborn Photography

newborn photographyConducting a newborn photography is never an easy task. Not only that you need to deal with the baby itself, but also with its parents who would be demanding for ensuring the safety of their baby. You need to understand poses that are safe for the baby as well aesthetic enough to be put into your portfolio.

The main challenge of doing newborn photography is to find a creative way of presenting the baby. There is no limitation to your creativity in this regard. However, you need to always remember that safety comes first. You can’t force the baby to be in a position that may lead to a dangerous situation.

Even though it’s tricky, it’s not impossible to create a fun and memorable newborn photoshoot session. Here are some tips on how to create a successful session:

  • You can use your used CD case as a protector for your lens against the rain. Simply create a hole that fits the lens, and it will be a really helpful tool when you have to take photos in the middle of rain.
  • When you need to do softer images, you could use window to “soften” your subject due to the fact that there are layers of glass between you and the subject.
  • To capture top-down pictures, you could create your own camera holder from materials around you, like cardboards or styrofoam
  • Another function of cardboard that you could use is to create uniquely-shaped shadows on your subject. To do this, you only need to cut the cardboard into shapes that you want, and use the shadows that it creates between your subject and the source of light.
  • You can also use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos any way you please. You could add or remove objects in your photo, or even change the color of the subject and its surroundings. There’s no limit to your creativity. This could add many fun to your newborn photography.
  • To create a soft-focus lens effect, you could simply use cloth. You only need to find the right cloth, a light silk scarf will do best, cut an x-shape in the middle of it and fasten the cut area to your lens. This will allow your camera to see through the x mark and create a soft focus on your subject.
  • There is another way of using cardboard to create amazing photography effect. All you need to do is to make small square out of a cardbox and punch a needle through it. Then, simply put the hole in front of the focus point of your lens, and you could take some amazing pinhole shots right away.
  • Use your glasses as a beautiful filter for your photos. All you need to do is to place one of your glasses in front of your camera and start taking photos with it.

Those are some tips on how to create a fun and creative newborn photography session. All those tips could deliver amazing results that you never expected before. Sue Kennedy could show you more ways on how to make use of goods around you to create a spectacular photoshoot session.