Wedding Photographer: An Easy Job?

cheshire wedding photographerFor some people, photography is a passion that they try to turn into a way of life and source of income. That is the reason why there are several niches to the industry of photography with wedding photography being amongst the most popular. For others, wedding photography is something they find themselves walking into accidentally and this might be due to a chance encounter like serving as an impromptu photographer for a friend whose wedding photographer pulled out. The final group of people who find themselves involved in photography might be engaged in it as a side job or as a means to earn extra income.

It is quite clear that from the above, there are several things that can be lead to individuals finding themselves working as a Cheshire wedding photographer but regardless of the reason, wedding photography is definitely not something that should be regarded as a hobby. The idea of wedding photography being a hobby is definitely a misconception that several individuals hold on to. This idea is further paired with individuals thinking that the operation days or hours of a wedding photographer boils down to one day of the week and this is as far from the truth as can be.

Weekend weddings

Weddings are events that can happen any day of the week but for most, it is usually held on the weekends for convenience and practicality sake. The average wedding lasts up to 12 hours with the wedding photographer covering it for 10 hours. After that you have close to 20 hours of post wedding image production and almost 6 hours dedicated to designing the album. The afore mentioned hours did not include consultation time with the couple as well as setting up, budgeting and marketing costs.

For the Cheshire wedding photographer, an average wedding day begins in the early hours of the morning which can be between 5am to 6am depending on the proximity of the venue and his working hours end at midnight if the contract is based on an hourly rate. Eating for the wedding photographer during a wedding is done only when there is a window of opportunity to do so like maybe there is a lull in the wedding activities or if you are in between locations from the church to the wedding reception. The couples demand for variety when it comes to their wedding album and as a result, you find yourself positioning at different angles, standing on tip toes, crouching on your knees or even lying down.

Prepare and anticipate

The couple wants every moment captured so you also need to be prepared and anticipate every possible moment before they occur so you can capture them on camera. Every reaction and emotion must also be documented. During wedding season, this might even be tougher as back to back weddings can be difficult for the wedding photographer. With all that being said, it is quite clear to see that the job of a Cheshire wedding photographer is definitely not easy but for those that have the passion for it this might just be something to love.

This Wedding Photographer Cheshire Networking Effort

Start with business cards

this wedding photographer cheshireFor all things related to this wedding photographer Cheshire effort in terms of networking, it is important that you start with the good old fashioned business cards. Business cards may seem archaic and may seem as if they are a thing of the past but this is actually not true or not accurate. Business cards can really come in handy whenever you are out and about meeting new people. Bring a fresh stack of cards with you everywhere you go.

Do this even during the times wherein you don’t think you are going to be making any new contacts when it all comes down to it. You will never really know for sure if you come across any valuable people you may know. This is something that can seriously work out for you and for what you are trying to accomplish at the end of the day. Bring business cards along when you are attending networking events, weddings that you are covering, or even when you are just out on a job. Things can happen anytime and you need to be ready all the time.

You should also put yourself out there when you are shooting weddings.

Don’t curl up in your corner and slowly wither away. That is certainly not how things like these are supposed to work and you need to seriously check it out as much as possible. Work up the courage to really go ahead and put yourself out there as much as possible. Get to meet people. Smile a little bit more. Be engaging and ready to talk to anyone who will be willing enough to maintain a certain conversation with you as a wedding photographer. Try to see if you have something that you can pull off the right way when it comes to things like these. Practice the way that you introduce yourself in front of the mirror. This way, you get to know what things you should be working on and what things you shouldn’t when it all comes down to it.

Show some love to the vendors.

They need something to remember you as this wedding photographer Cheshire who is always reaching out to them. Go out of your way to establish a certain sense of connection with them at the end of the day. When you are truly putting in some efforts at some point or so, it is something that can really boost your business and your chances of getting potential clients from the vendors that you are able to tap into one way or the other. When you have some down time as a photographer, try to see if you can work out independent little projects for them and get them featured in your blog.

Always value the beauty of follow ups.

Be vigilant and don’t be impatient. Things like these usually take time but once they start coming, things will just keep flowing on for as long as you keep working on it relentlessly. Schedule your follow ups and make sure that you actually get to check them out the right way while you are at it.