Showing Online Vendor Love Wedding Photographers North East

Blog features

this north east wedding photographerWrite up blog features about the wedding vendors that you would like to connect with as wedding photographers. They say that it can take a village to bring a wedding vision out to reality and they are not wrong at all. If you take a look at the list of wedding vendors at a full fledged wedding, it will surprise you time and time again how long the list can get at times. This is something that you can really work out to your advantage as a wedding photographer who is still trying to break out into the scene and who is still in the gripes of making all of the important and necessary connections while they are at it. Understandably, you don’t have a lot of money going by which means buying lunches and the like so that you could network is a little off the books for now. What you do have though is a camera, talent, and a fairly active wedding photography blog. Those are the only things you will ever need to provide your wedding vendors with free coverage. Write up a free feature for them whenever you have some down time. This will make them feel indebted to you one way or the other and they are bound to return the effort one way or the other. It is all just a matter of time for when your efforts finally reap some results.

Send emails

Send them emails ahead of time and include about 10 questions that will tell you a little bit about how their business came to be. It pays to know what you are getting into and what you will be writing about by the end of the photo shoot that you are giving out for free to the wedding vendors that you are trying to reach out to through your networking efforts. Like this north east wedding photographer, try to include questions that have something to do about the nature of their business, what their sources of inspiration are, what their core values are, their mission and vision, and so on and so forth. This is what you should be checking out all of the time. This will also make for interesting and high quality small talk material once you are there and chatting the owners or the general managers up. You can always add in content of your own eventually but it helps if you have a skeleton outline to work with in the beginning.

Watermark images

Make it a point to watermark your images as a wedding photographer so that when they use your photos, even if they don’t explicitly credit you or write about you, you still get to reach out to their audience or to their readers. This is what most of the more established wedding photographers do. Although you are giving them free coverage through the photo shoots and blog features that you are giving out for free, you should still ensure that you get recognized for it. Watermark all of your images to make sure that you get free marketing out of it even if they don’t write about you.

Newcastle Wedding Photographer Helpful Tips

Always come in to the wedding early as a wedding photographer.

wedding photographyYou should make sure that you make a habit out of coming in at least 2 hours early for all of the weddings out there that you get to book. This is mainly because of the fact that you will constantly be challenged into having a different take on things, artistically speaking. Clients will always be craving those creative shots of details of the wedding even if they don’t tell you about it right out. This is what you need to satisfy. Shooting details while the wedding is in full swing can be a bit counterproductive and might be miscontrued by the clients and guests alike as a way for you to become lazy. You are there to document the moments, after all. It would always be best if you can get things taken care of ahead of time so that you can focus more on the shot list once the wedding starts.

Prepare for delays.

Prepare yourself for delays as much as possible because this will be a part of your daily life as a Kent based wedding photographer. Delays are something that you should go ahead and prepare for and embrace as much as you possibly can. You mgiht not like how things turn out or when delays happen but it does not mean that you need to lose your focus over it when it all comes down to it. It really does not have to be like that at all. You can always get things like these taken care of the right way without losing control of yourself or of your emotions. When you work on anticipating impending problems and challenges, you will notice that it can be easier not to get upset with things as you go along and that’s always a good thing.

Always go through personality profiling for your clients.

Figure out what kind of people they are in the first place. Take the time to more or less get them figured out. Talk to them and feel free to ask them anything which you think will enable you to better cover for them and for their wedding as their official wedding photographer. Like this Newcastle wedding photographer, take the time to figure out if this is the kind of thing that you will be able to pull off the right way when it all comes down to it. Warm up to them a little bit more. Smile a little bit more. Little things like this matter even if you don’t really think it has that much of an impact.

Always make good on your promised turnaround time.

The turnaround time is something that clients will repeatedly hold over your head whenever they can. Make sure that among all of the things that you need to check out during a wedding photo shoot, this is something that you do not end up messing up no matter what happens. Work hard and edit hard as much as possible so that you get to produce a fast turnaround time.

3 Things You Need To Handle Right In Wedding Photography


wedding photographyBe picky with the kind of shoes that you choose to wear in wedding photography shoots. You are going to be doing physically taxing activities, a lot of walking, a lot of running, a lot of crouching, and so on and so forth. It can be very physical and it can be very demanding. You need to go out of your way to make sure that your shoes will be able to go ahead and keep up with you at the end of the day.

Although this may see like a bit of a trivial matter to have to worry about on top of the rest of the other tons and tons of things that you need to worry about and prepare for when it all comes down to it, the kind of shoes that you wear to a wedding can really dictate how the rest of the other things will turn out to be in a wedding photo shoot. Imagine having to run around in 5-inch heels.

If you are a female wedding photographer and you are seriously contemplating about wearing your new pair of gorgeous looking high heeled shoes to the wedding event that you are about to shoot, just don’t. You will end up living in those shoes for about 8 hours so. You might as well make sure that you will end up feeling comfortable all throughout that time that you are shooting.

Snap shooters

There will always be people trying to bring in snaps or pictures of their own during a wedding photography shoot and this can highly affect your job as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that this is something you will be able to go ahead and do something about before it gets out of hand. Make it a point to include a clause in the contract about your views on secondary wedding photographers and snap shooters in general. Although this might not turn out to be as effective as you would like it to be, the couple will at least know what your stand is when it comes to things like those and will be more than happy to go out of their way to notify the guests as such during the wedding. During the event, you can’t really tell the snap shooters to stop shooting since they are well within their rights to go ahead and do so in the first place. However, one thing that you can do is to strike up a compromise with them.


Carefully detail your initial client discussion at the start of each wedding photography agreement. Make sure that you get to cover the expectations and what their requirements are, what your service breakdown will be for wedding photography, what the overall costs will be, what the time line is, and what they can expect to actually get out of the entire thing. These are broad topics and you need to be able to really zero in on the aspects that matter the most in order for your client discussion to be effective.

Tips for Client Meetups for Wedding Photographers

Meet client and lay down specifics

A challenge that wedding photographers usually face is the aspect of wedding photography tipsmeeting with the clients and of laying down the specifics of the wedding photography agreement that they would like to close the deal on. The best way for you to go ahead and start things off in a client discussion for a tentative wedding photography deal is to ask the clients straight up what they would like to get out of the agreement.

You need to know what they are looking for and what they are expecting to get.

This will let you know straight up if you will be able to provide what they would like to have. If not, you can at least save time by determining right then and there if you and the client will turn out to be a great fit together at the end of the day. This way, you will be able to match up your services with what your clients are aiming to get out of it or out of you. The most expensive package of services in your list will not always equate to what the clients will be happy about when all is said and done and that is why you should take the time to tailor the perfect package for them when it all comes down to it.

Ask your clients as well about the wedding venue.

You need to know what you will be dealing with and what kind of situation you will be in during the time that you will be shooting the wedding. You need to know if you will be shooting indoors or outdoors and how the venue will look like or at least what they have perceived it to be one way or the other. You also need to know what time of the day the wedding will be happening in. This is mainly because of the fact that natural light changes depending on what time of the day it is. You need to put in the necessary preparations depending on the time of the day that you will be dealing with.

Lighting is crucial to the success of the coverage of any wedding and that is why you will be able to benefit so much from learning about things ahead of time. More than that, you also ought to know whether or not you will get to have enough space to work in. If a wedding venue is something that is particularly cramped, you need to know ahead of time how things will turn out so that you can map out your strategies ahead of time.

Manage expectations of clients

More than anything, it is extremely important for you to make sure that you are able to really manage the expectations of your clients. If their expectations are a little bit over the top and unrealistic, then you should make it a point to really let them know what the realities are. This way, you are both on the same page all of the time and you will be able to minimize any disappointments and disagreements that might come along the way.

How wedding photographers should choose their courses

Choose the appropriate course

photography courseIf you would like to be able to compete with the rest of the other more experienced wedding photographers in the industry, what you can do to help at least level the playing field for yourself would be for you to go ahead and enroll yourself in the appropriate photography course that will help you improve in your skills. Although this is something that you will have to proceed to with caution and with analytical thinking, there are a few basic things for you to go ahead and check out one way or the other in order for you to be able to decide on just the right kind of photography course that will work well for you when it all comes down to it.

Most of these photography courses tend to cost a lot of money so if this isn’t something that you are ready to take on financially just yet, then you should go through the motions of really waiting it out and pooling enough funds in order for you to be able to afford it one way or the other.

Skill level of the course

You need to consider if the skill level of a certain photography course is something that is fitting with the kind of level that you are currently in as a wedding photographer. A lot of wedding photographers out there have made the mistake of enrolling in a photography course that is far more advanced than their skill level and it is something that they eventually regretted because they were unable to keep up with the difficulty of the curriculum. This is something that you should avoid from committing as much as possible. You need to remind yourself time and time again that photography courses cost a lot of money and you can’t really afford to make any mistakes when it comes to the courses that you are able to enroll in when it all comes down to it.

If you would like to make sure that you are able to lay down all of the right foundations for your technical knowledge as a wedding photographer, then you should opt to go ahead and start off with the most basic skill level of photography courses. This might take a little bit of time for you to progress and eventually complete but what you can be quite rest assured of is that this is something that will be well worth the time and amount of money that you are able to invest in it at the end of the day.

Make it a point to take a look at the background of the instructor who will be initiating the course as well.

You need someone who has really been out there in the field, someone who can really walk the talk. An instructor that can offer out rich time tested and first hand knowledge to the wedding photographers that he is training can turn out to be really valuable and can be a really rich source of knowledge and wisdom that you will be able to learn from for as long as you are able to pay enough attention and really listen up to what he has to say.