Questions a Leeds Wedding Photographer Must Be Able to Answer

leeds wedding photographerAs a professional Leeds wedding photographer, you don’t really get to appear non-professional. The job that they are entrusting you is so big and important that they expect you to be able to always give them a good answer. Yet, wedding photography is not as easy as saying that you will do your best or if you’ll see about it.

Can you help us choose the most suitable package?

Most clients really don’t know the right wedding photography package they should get. For their first and hopefully last wedding ever, your clients really need your suggestions. They want you to be able to convince them that they make the right decisions and won’t regret it. So, here’s how you do it.

Understand what seems to be their priority at this point: is it the number of pictures, the quality, as well as their budget. Most clients already have mentally imagined their budget, but it can easily go up if they see fit. Although, there are some who can’t allow it to go up at all cost. Whatever you want to offer, emphasize that ‘quality of pictures are important’ no matter how much they pay, because those are also the same pictures they will keep for the rest of their life.

Are you insured?

And the correct answer has to be yes. But no, you are not supposed to lie.

It’s very important for a wedding photographer to be insured because the job entails a lot of responsibilities. Your clients want to make sure that you are always prepared and protected, so you can always deliver high-quality results. An insured Leeds wedding photographer is also seen as more reliable because that’s the kind of investment professionals make.

What do you work as a wedding photographer?

Your clients want to know how wedding photographers work and for the most parts, they are still not sure which style works great with them. They might have done their own research online and has an idea of what they are asking, but anyway, explains to them how this may affect them.

Wedding photographers have different working styles. Some are more comfortable by staying invisible. Some prefer to be able to direct the scene and capture staged pictures that are fun and entertaining. Of course, different working styles will create a different mood on your pictures. Explains to your clients that is great about your working style and how that fits into the kind of pictures they are looking for.

I have a list of poses I want to try. Can you help me with them?

This is a sensitive question because most of the time, your clients just want you to say yes. It’s not always the truth because it really depends on how extreme the pictures are. Sometimes it’s probably, but others, it’s not really easy to recreate a professional taken and edited a picture of a professional model.

Give them an optimistic answer and emphasize that you want their pictures to be special. You can try to recreate those pictures when you have free time. A Leeds wedding photographer should also be knowledgeable like Kirsty Mattson in explaining how some might have failed in trying to recreate them, how Pinterest can be a dangerous hole to step into.