Everything You Need to Know About SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographersHave you ever wondered why certain websites seem to show up in the first pages of search engines? If you type a search query such as SEO for photographers into a search engine like Google, you are bound to see multiple results. These results that turn up are as a result of varying resources having the information you need. Google then makes use of certain criteria to determine the results that should rank first and other positions.

So, this may very well explain the reason why the website you dedicated hours to create content for and design for the public is currently ranked number 100 on search engines. This does not necessarily mean that the content you have hosted on your site is bad. It may actually be an indication that there are certain things you are not doing right. The fact that you do not have a good ranking on a popular search engine such as Google means that traffic to your site will be greatly affected.

Therefore, you need to polish your website by improving everything from the image load capacity to the use of tags among others. Below, we have listed out some tips to help you with this. They are:

  • Always Backlink

When talking of backlinks, it is important to note that quality is better than quantity. A link of an authority site on your website is bound to do you more good than several links from mediocre sites. Having dodgy sites serve as backlinks on your page may actually end up doing you more harm than good as search engines like Google penalize websites for this. Now, as a photographer, the opportunity to make use of backlinks for your website is presented to you on a platter. Think about it. You already work with several vendors from florists to planners. Why not link to those sites?

  • Content should be for target audience

When talking of SEO for photographers, another thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that your website should be created with the whole intention of educating your audience. You are a photographer so your content should be about the services you offer and how they can be of use to the couple getting married. A wedding photographer with a website should have content aimed at the audience of wedding couples or those interested in taking the plunge. Generic content will not target your readers to your customers. You need to identify their need and make use of your content to provide a veritable solution.

  • No duplicates

Once upon a time, a lot of websites had similar contents on them. What the owners would do to differentiate the content was change a few keywords and upload the changed content on a new page. This may have worked in the past but with the upgrades made to search engines, this can no longer be done without repercussions from Google. You can decide to create content on the same topic just make sure you do it in a whole new way to avoid it coming out as duplicate content.

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