How To Save Money On Your Wedding Cakes

Keep the add ons simple.

bristol wedding photographerA great Bristol wedding photographer will be able to have great perspectives on the cakes no matter how simple they might turn out to be. You don’t have to go over the top with the add ons because this can actually turn out to cost you far more than usual and that is not the type of thing that you would want to go through with especially when you are trying to save money and cut the costs down a little bit at the end of the day. For as long as you have something for the cake cutting ceremony, you should really be just fine so try to see if you can take that into account when you are meeting up with the baker who will be baking your cake. Focus more on the size of the cake and on getting a good flavour. You want it to be both pretty and tasty without blowing your budget all over the place at the end of the day. Talk to your baker about the more economical features. Be upfront with the fact that you are actually trying to work with a budget. Your baker will understand and might be able to work some great options out for you one way or the other.

Get a fake tiered cake.

Tiered cakes can really cost a king’s ransom and this is the kind of thing that you should be managing the right way. If you want a tall cake, then by all means, don’t deprive yourself of it. You can still get a really great looking tiered cake without the ensuing costs. They don’t have to be real, even. Get a cheap one that’s fake and try to see if you can have a simple sheet cake in the back of the kitchen that the staff can cut up and serve out to your guests. No one will be the wiser and no one will even notice. Get your Bristol wedding photographer to get photos of those and things will work out for you after all has been said and done.

Skip the exotic fillings.

Stick to the basics when it comes to things like this. You don’t have to go for the really exotic fillings because they can cost you an arm and a leg and not the type of thing that you should be putting on yourself and on your budget when you are trying to decide on what type of flavouring you would like to go with. Go with the usual. Exotic fillings such as mango or guava can end up costing you so much more and to be honest, it is the type of cost that will turn out to be both extraneous and unnecessary.

Use fresh flowers as embellishments.

Sugar flowers can be expensive and can turn out to cost you so much more than you would anticipate. Fresh flowers are so much prettier and so much cheaper to put on your cakes, so keep that at the back of your head when you are figuring out your wedding cake options.

When Planning A Wedding

Consider the wedding venue.

photographers in PhoenixRight after the wedding date, the next thing that your photographers in Phoenix and your other vendors will ask you about is the wedding venue. You need a place that can comfortably house the number of wedding guests who will be attending the special day. Don’t ever make the mistake of being overexcited and of booking the first wedding venue that you happen to come across. You are going to regret it especially once you have gone to the other wedding venues that you might fancy more. You need to make sure that you are patient and wise when you are dealing with things like this. Jumping the gun too soon might end up with you booking a wedding venue that cannot accommodate all of your guests or something that might not be as fitting as you would like the wedding venue to be at the end of the day.

Take the time to go through all of the options that you have in your local area.

Visit each and every single place personally so that you might get a glimpse of how things look like and feel overall when you are getting things like this decided on. Bring your photographers in Phoenix along with you so that they can give you their two cents about the place and about the logistical advantages and disadvantages while they are at it. It is time consuming but it is something that is more or less well worth spending your time on as a future bride.

Eat! You will need to be strong and refreshed during the day of the wedding.

Your photographers in Phoenix may be skilled in taking great photos during the wedding but the thing is, there is only so much that they can do if they don’t have that much material to work with in the first place. You need to make sure that you go ahead and get things like this taken into account when it all comes down to it. Mind you, you should eat only enough to fill you, not to make you feel and look bloated in any way whatsoever. Go with a breakfast of proteins and complex carbs to keep you feel and ready for the long day that awaits you. You will not enjoy your wedding day all that much if you end up fainting halfway through so make sure that you go ahead and consider this while you are at it.

Keep the big picture in mind.

Don’t stress yourself out with all of the tiny little details that might end up being way out of your control at the end of the day. This is what professionals are for and this is why you are paying for their services. Think more on a macro kind of perspective when you are getting looking at the aspect of bringing your wedding day together.

Have a wedding coordinator present.

You need someone in control all throughout the time that the wedding is in play. It will be impossible for you to take care of things like this while you are smack right in the center of everything so have a coordinator along with you to get things figured out early on.

When Planning Out A Fine Art Wedding

Get photography nailed down.

fine art wedding photographyPhotography plays a huge role in pulling off a fine art wedding. Make sure that you hire out a professional who specializes in fine art wedding photography. This way, you get to make sure that at the end of the day, you will have the wedding photos to show for it and it is the type of thing that will turn out to really make quite an impact for you and for everything else that you are trying to pull off while you are at it.

When you are looking for a photographer to hire out for your wedding, then you better make sure that he is the type of photographer who specializes in fine art wedding photography. This is a small niche and needless to say, the thing is that not all photographers can pull off this particular style. It requires looking and thinking out of the box and a deeper understanding of art. It goes far beyond just impeccable composition and shooting techniques. You need a photographer with a vision because fine art wedding photography is not all that easy to pull off. Once you have your priorities in order, you can be rest assured you already have the foundations to a really great fine art wedding.


Ensuring that you have the right kind of setting is planned out accordingly. This is probably one of the most important things in planning out and pulling off the fine art wedding that you have always been dreaming of. Go out of your way to make sure that you pick out a wedding venue that is scenic and that tends to have a lot of photographic value at some point or so. There are a lot of directions that you can take when you are planning out a fine art wedding. You can go for a boho chic type of thing or you can go the glam and classical way. It would be smart to keep your budget in consideration as well as to think about the different wedding venues that are available in the location that you are planning to hold the wedding in.


Go for a dress that is minimalistic yet stunning as well. Yes, those two adjectives are polar opposites but it is the type of thing that you will be able to pull off the right way for as long as you describe things accordingly with the tailor or the designer that you are working with at the end of the day. Talk to your tailor about what you are trying to achieve and try to go for something that has everything for you all in one package.

Photo booth

A photo booth is not totally out of the question. You can play things up to the standards of fine art wedding photography. You just need to make sure that you really have an in depth discussion with the photo booth operator that you are thinking about hiring out when it all comes down to it. Let them know what you have in mind and try to see if you will be able to get their two cents out of it.

5 Great Importance of Hiring a Skilled Sussex Wedding Photographer

Sussex wedding photographerMost couples today have had a share of sadness because of hiring an amateur to handle their wedding photographs. Most of them had to opt to choose just anybody with a camera just because of the cost. But as a couple who is about to wed, do you want to be disappointed after your wedding day because of the wedding photos that was produced by a photographer? Am sure you don’t want to! This is why you need a skilled Sussex wedding photographer that has all it takes to produce the best photos. Beneath are some other reasons you need to consider hiring one.

A Non-professional wedding photographer will not have a backup equipment with him

An amateur will never bring a backup equipment with him when coming for your wedding because he doesn’t even have one. This one reason why a professional is better that an amateur. A pro is always prepared for anything, and he will make sire the wedding is not put on hold because of him. A skilled Sussex wedding photographer is ready, and he knows when what to do when he has a flat battery or if there is a malfunction with his gear.

A skilled wedding photographer in Sussex will handle the lighting conditions of your wedding venue

One of thing an amateur won’t be cognizant with is the lighting aspect of a wedding photography; because of this he will take photos carelessly – you already know the outcome right? But a pro will always be aware of lighting conditions of a wedding venue. A professional Sussex wedding photographer will advise you and tell you about the best lighting condition that is suitable to take wedding pictures.

Hiring you hire a skilled wedding photographer, you have the best gear

A pro wedding photographer has the best gear for your wedding day. An amateur doesn’t have what it takes to spice up your marriage. You and your guest will be taken with the best cameras and lighting that will bring out the best photos.

A skilled wedding photographer will not disappoint you

What i mean by “disappoint,” I am saying he will show up on your wedding day. In the case of sickness, a pro has a network of highly trained photographers that will shoot your wedding. This also means that when you hire a pro, you are insured.

A pro has the experience to spice your wedding

Hiring an amateur to take your wedding photos is a bad move to make; because he does not have the experience of capturing beautiful moments in a wedding. Yes, they may capture beautiful landscape pictures, but they don’t have the skills to take close up shots.

Your wedding day is a magnificent day because you have waited so long for it. This is more reason why you need to give your wedding the best efforts to make it perfect. Do you know your wedding is not perfect if you don’t have quality photos to show for it? This is why you need a skilled Sussex wedding photographer for your wedding day. Moreover, to hire an expert wedding photographer, you need to check out Martin Beddall Photography.

What To Know About Photography SEO

Marketing and Branding

photography SEOWhen you invest on search engine optimization as a photographer, you get to make sure that you are getting the best return on your investments in terms of marketing and branding. There are so many other ways for you to advertise and to market your professional photography services but if there is one thing that they are bound to have in common at some point or so, it would have to be the fact that they all cost money.

If you are still in the process of starting things out, you probably don’t have that much money on you to begin with and you need to do something about this. SEO will turn out to be the perfect solution for you. SEO is not that cheap but it is relatively cheaper compared to the rest of the other options available right now so get this checked out as much as you possibly can.

You have to understand that the rest of all of your other competitors are doing it so there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t do it as well. The top photographers in the area are already doing this and what this technically means is that they have been around longer than you have and probably have better online presence than you do. SEO will allow you to catch up for as long as you are willing to put in the efforts.

Getting into SEO will ensure that you will be able to go ahead and take your business to a whole new level at the end of the day. You can start off as a newbie and easily launch yourself to the new heights and enjoy popularity in your chosen field if you have SEO on your side.

Outsource SEO

You can outsource your SEO strategies for your SEO website if you aren’t that much of a technical person at the end of the day. There are firms and companies that are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business out when it comes to the aspect of search engine optimization. This way, you won’t have to go ahead and worry too much about the technicalities that normally come along with the job at some point or so. You can always outsource and there is no shame in that.

Photographers in general are too busy with the jobs and events that they book back and back and this can pretty much happen to you too which is why you need someone solid to pick up where you left off. For people who are really established in services for SEO in photography, go ahead and check out the possibility of hiring out photography SEO services by PhotoProSEO. They are one of the best of the best services out there and you will find that they really are worth your money. SEO is an investment worth taking at the end of the day and you will see that things that you spend for when it comes to this particular service will turn out to be well worth the money at the end of the day.

Understanding Family Photography Better

One thing that you ought to take note of or think about all the time in family photography is that posing will be overrated.

family photographerIf you get into this with a planned itinerary of shots, you will most likely fail at it. Think about bringing together all of the members of your family. It will not just be you and your spouse. It will also technically include kids and kids will always make things at least twice as hard to have to go through with at the end of the day and this is the type of thing that you will need to more or less preempt if you want things to pan out according to how you would like them to during the family photo shoot.

Letting things fall as they naturally will doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go by with the entire family photography shoot without ever having to go through it without a plan of any kind. This is the type of thing that you can plan out without necessarily planning out the poses. You can be strategic with the photo shoot but you can’t force posing of any kind. The sooner you understand this, the better things will turn out for you and for everything else that you are trying to pull off at the end of the day.

Allow the kids to have fun every now and then during the family photography shoot.

You don’t have to be overbearing or anything like that at all during the family photography shoot. You can feel free and you can go ahead and play around with the kids while you are there or while you are at it. one thing to try to remember all of the time is that you can’t really force kids to do anything at the end of the day. You will have a much better shot at turning the family photography shoot into a success if you focus on making it an enjoyable experience for your kids. Let them be kids. Let them play around and goof around if they want to. Let them make funny and wacky faces if they want to. Things like this will help bring in a certain sense of authenticity to what you are trying to achieve during the photo shoot and this can turn out to make your photos come out looking so much better once they photographer submits the final finished photos to you at the end of the day. You will also have a much better chance of getting your kids to last longer in the photo shoot because they wouldn’t feel too controlled by you and by the photographer who is conducting the shoot, even.

Level your heads as much as you possibly can.

This will require a little bit of effort from you as a parent but this will always turn out to be well worth the effort that you are putting into it when it all comes down to it. You can opt for poses and scenes that include sitting down in the stairs or on the ground, among a bunch of other things that you can make arrangements for.

For wonderful family portraits, try the services of


Planning the Wedding Location with your Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Los Angeles wedding photographerWedding preparations can be hectic. From selecting a wedding venue, to selecting appropriate wedding vendors to oversee preparations and making sure that the settings put in place are up to standard. It is therefore not surprising that in the rush of things, some things might be overlooked.

Even if there are some details of the wedding that you cannot help but forget or remember at the last minute, the Los Angeles wedding photographer should not be among them. The wedding photographer ought to be given priority alongside the wedding attire and wedding venue. They can also come in handy when planning other aspects of the wedding.

One area in which you are bound to embrace the usefulness of the Los Angeles wedding photographer is in the planning of the photography location. The wedding photographer is the one that is going to be in charge of capturing the memories of the wedding day. From the type of colour used to capture the moment, to the angle it is taken from, it is up to the photographer to decide.

All you can do as the client of the photographer and as the person getting married on that day is to make sure that everything the photographer needs to make the wedding pictures as beautiful as possible are available. This is why planning the photography location with the Los Angeles wedding photographer is beneficial to both of you. This becomes particularly useful in situations where the photographer has not shot in that particular location before. After all, North Wales is vast and there are different beautiful locations to hold a wedding in.


Walking over the location with them and getting their insights about what works best and how to highlight a certain part of the venue for better pictures makes it easier for them on the wedding day to get the type of shots you like. There are photographers that will charge you a fee for this but at the end of the day, the money paid shows its worth when you eventually see how the ideas exchanged benefitted your wedding pictures. However, if walking the location with the photographer is not possible due to budget constraints or lack of time you can either get your wedding planner to do that for you or draw them a diagram with a description of the site.


Also, getting the photographer’s opinion about the wedding location beforehand gives you he chance to make the necessary adjustments to the decorations and sitting arrangements. You can also highlight certain things like what the lighting condition is like on the site, the types of backdrops available especially if it is in an outdoor location. The best photographer from will tell you that lighting of a location does not matter as they will be able to shoot in any condition and get the best of results. Even though the photographers are good and can make the best of any situation, it is still advisable to make the whole process easier for them.

Your Crash Course In Boudoir Photography Shoots

Boudoir photography has become a catchall phrase over the years.

boudoir photography yet, there is still so much more to it than people in general don’t really understand at the end of the day. If you are planning to have a photo shoot dedicated to celebrating your essence as a woman, then boudoir photography Scotland is just the thing for you to do. Although there are a lot of things that you plan for ahead of time, all you need to know and be assured of is the fact that for as long as you are working hand in hand with the boudoir photographer of your choice, you really can accomplish anything and everything. A boudoir photography shoot doesn’t have to be risqué and daring or anything like that. It can be as toned down as you would like it to be. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the theme and it all depends on what you are willing to work out with the photographer of your choice when it all comes down to it. Here are a few tips for you to go through a boudoir photo shoot with no hitches or whatsoever.

Take the entire day off for the photo shoot.

It really isn’t an in and out kind of thing. Even though a boudoir photo shoot will normally take around just 2 hours or so, you have to factor in roughly around the same amount of time for you to get ready. Keep in mind that you have hair and makeup to have to worry about and if you would like to make sure that things pan out smoothly in all of the best ways, then you really have to make time for the shoot in the first place. Things like this can’t really be rushed and this is why it would be best if you schedule it at a day wherein you will be able to really take it slow and take a leave off from work as much as you possibly can.

The costs of different experts in boudoir photography Scotland can vary so make it a point to do a quick market search so that you are at least educated about what the average rates will turn out to be for professionals in this particular kind of niche. It is important that you aim for the best of the best there are. You might as well do this right if you are planning to do this at all because it can make quite a difference in the way that your photos turn out looking like at the end of the day. Go for someone seasoned like Allure Boudoir Photography. You will want someone who will turn out to be an absolute pro in what he does. Boudoir photography is nitpicky and challenging and you will be sharing your most intimate details with the photographer that you hire so always opt for someone who can handle things professionally given the fact that this isn’t the type of thing that just about any other photographer can pull off.


Wedding Photographer: An Easy Job?

cheshire wedding photographerFor some people, photography is a passion that they try to turn into a way of life and source of income. That is the reason why there are several niches to the industry of photography with wedding photography being amongst the most popular. For others, wedding photography is something they find themselves walking into accidentally and this might be due to a chance encounter like serving as an impromptu photographer for a friend whose wedding photographer pulled out. The final group of people who find themselves involved in photography might be engaged in it as a side job or as a means to earn extra income.

It is quite clear that from the above, there are several things that can be lead to individuals finding themselves working as a Cheshire wedding photographer but regardless of the reason, wedding photography is definitely not something that should be regarded as a hobby. The idea of wedding photography being a hobby is definitely a misconception that several individuals hold on to. This idea is further paired with individuals thinking that the operation days or hours of a wedding photographer boils down to one day of the week and this is as far from the truth as can be.

Weekend weddings

Weddings are events that can happen any day of the week but for most, it is usually held on the weekends for convenience and practicality sake. The average wedding lasts up to 12 hours with the wedding photographer covering it for 10 hours. After that you have close to 20 hours of post wedding image production and almost 6 hours dedicated to designing the album. The afore mentioned hours did not include consultation time with the couple as well as setting up, budgeting and marketing costs.

For the Cheshire wedding photographer, an average wedding day begins in the early hours of the morning which can be between 5am to 6am depending on the proximity of the venue and his working hours end at midnight if the contract is based on an hourly rate. Eating for the wedding photographer during a wedding is done only when there is a window of opportunity to do so like maybe there is a lull in the wedding activities or if you are in between locations from the church to the wedding reception. The couples demand for variety when it comes to their wedding album and as a result, you find yourself positioning at different angles, standing on tip toes, crouching on your knees or even lying down.

Prepare and anticipate

The couple wants every moment captured so you also need to be prepared and anticipate every possible moment before they occur so you can capture them on camera. Every reaction and emotion must also be documented. During wedding season, this might even be tougher as back to back weddings can be difficult for the wedding photographer. With all that being said, it is quite clear to see that the job of a Cheshire wedding photographer is definitely not easy but for those that have the passion for it this might just be something to love.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer – Length of Coverage

wedding photographer Northern IrelandDuring the planning of your wedding, your foremost thought must have been on hiring the best wedding photographer Northern Ireland Catherine Mackenzie to cover your wedding. After successfully getting the attention of the photographer of your choice and a commitment from them into covering your wedding, it is important that the discussion of how long you want them taking pictures at your event should be the next thing in line. This is highly crucial in not only cost savings but also making sure you get the type of pictures you require.

For example, you may want pictures of you getting ready at your house or at a hotel close to the venue before the ceremony or you may want the photographer to simply document the events of the pre-wedding activities. Taking advantage of a pre-wedding photo shoot allows for pictures of the wedding party to be taken before hand and this is useful in getting them used to the presence of the camera before setting off to the ceremony. For photographers they take it as an opportunity to get the bride in a relaxed mood while still getting some formal pictures on the list done with before the actual ceremony commences.

Second photographer

The most professional photographers will bring along an extra pair of hands especially if the wedding has a large party size. This allows for the wedding photographer to spend time with the bride and have someone spend time with the groom and his ushers. The process of getting ready makes a nice story for the wedding album especially if a reportage/documentary style is being aimed for. The couple gets to see what the other was doing while they were getting ready.

If your budget is one that cannot accommodate preparation or pre-wedding shots, then your wedding photographer will head straight to the wedding venue to await the arrival of the wedding party. This will likely occur in the order of some wedding guests first, the groom and his ushers, some more wedding guests and finally the arrival of the bride. If the wedding service is in a church, some allow for the use of flash photography and the photographers have to try to be as unobtrusive as possible when trying to get reaction shots during the ceremony.

Formal shots

After the service ends, the couple makes the journey outside the ceremony venue to be congratulated and the wedding photographer leaves the couple for a few minutes to take the greetings while he still works to capture shots. Once this ends, the photographer can then move in for the formal shots if that as a part of the couple’s requirements. It is best to work this out before the actual wedding as it allows for easier scheduling. If you want things more interesting in your album, then you can have the pictures spread out over different spots. Even if you will not be posing for the entire time, it is recommended that a minimum of 1 hour be dedicated to the photo shoot.