Try Out these Hacks for Newborn Photography

newborn photographyConducting a newborn photography is never an easy task. Not only that you need to deal with the baby itself, but also with its parents who would be demanding for ensuring the safety of their baby. You need to understand poses that are safe for the baby as well aesthetic enough to be put into your portfolio.

The main challenge of doing newborn photography is to find a creative way of presenting the baby. There is no limitation to your creativity in this regard. However, you need to always remember that safety comes first. You can’t force the baby to be in a position that may lead to a dangerous situation.

Even though it’s tricky, it’s not impossible to create a fun and memorable newborn photoshoot session. Here are some tips on how to create a successful session:

  • You can use your used CD case as a protector for your lens against the rain. Simply create a hole that fits the lens, and it will be a really helpful tool when you have to take photos in the middle of rain.
  • When you need to do softer images, you could use window to “soften” your subject due to the fact that there are layers of glass between you and the subject.
  • To capture top-down pictures, you could create your own camera holder from materials around you, like cardboards or styrofoam
  • Another function of cardboard that you could use is to create uniquely-shaped shadows on your subject. To do this, you only need to cut the cardboard into shapes that you want, and use the shadows that it creates between your subject and the source of light.
  • You can also use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos any way you please. You could add or remove objects in your photo, or even change the color of the subject and its surroundings. There’s no limit to your creativity. This could add many fun to your newborn photography.
  • To create a soft-focus lens effect, you could simply use cloth. You only need to find the right cloth, a light silk scarf will do best, cut an x-shape in the middle of it and fasten the cut area to your lens. This will allow your camera to see through the x mark and create a soft focus on your subject.
  • There is another way of using cardboard to create amazing photography effect. All you need to do is to make small square out of a cardbox and punch a needle through it. Then, simply put the hole in front of the focus point of your lens, and you could take some amazing pinhole shots right away.
  • Use your glasses as a beautiful filter for your photos. All you need to do is to place one of your glasses in front of your camera and start taking photos with it.

Those are some tips on how to create a fun and creative newborn photography session. All those tips could deliver amazing results that you never expected before. Sue Kennedy could show you more ways on how to make use of goods around you to create a spectacular photoshoot session.

4 Tips on What to Wear in the Photoshoot with Your Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Raleigh newborn photographerWhen you finally decide to have a newborn photoshoot for your beautiful newborn baby, one thing you’d probably ask your Raleign newborn photographer would be about what to wear for the session. This indeed has become one of the most asked questions ahead of a newborn photoshoot. The responses given by each photographer would be unique as each one comes with his own distinct style. Therefore, you need to really understand what you expect your photographer to deliver, as well as what style that fits you the best.

What to wear

Every photographer has different taste and preference in capturing the moments of your newborn. Therefore, the recommendation of clothing and accessories that a photographer may propose to you would be different from the recommendation made by another. This is where your own perferred style plays a role.

It’s best to hire someone who is on the same page as you are rather than forcing yourself to follow the standards and style he’s established for himself. This will bring more joy and confidence throughout the process. That being said, it is essential for you to conduct pre-session consultation with the photographer to make sure that both of you could work hand in hand together to produce the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Out of so many potentials of different preferences that your Raleigh newborn photographer may have, there are several points that every photographer would recommend in general. These points are as follow:

Neutral colors

Commonly, a photographer will recommend you to wear your neutral-colored outfit, so that it won’t distract the color theme of your surrounding. Your newborn baby is the center of attention after all, so wearing neutral palate will ensure that people’s attention is targeted on her. The neutral palate in this regard is not always plain white. You could also wear your bold neutral gray or navy-colored sweater for instance, as long as it isn’t far-fetched with your room’s color theme. A photographer would normally allow only four colors top in his frame.


For moms, any fabric that has texture would be your best choice as it will boost your confidence for a photoshoot after giving birth. To add more interest, your photographer would usually recomment you to wear any clothing with textures on it. This is advisable as long as your clothing does not distract any view of your newborn baby.

No black

In general, black isn’t a recommended color to wear for your newborn photoshoot session. This particular color will leave a darker feeling to the final shots. However, you could wear your best black-colored outfit if you want the photoshoot to be done in a black and white color theme. Other than that, it’s better for you to avoid black as best as you could.

Proper fit

It’s not easy to find a proper fit outfit for your newborn baby. Although it says that it is designed for newborn babies, most of the times it actually isn’t. That being said, you could consider swaddles to cover your baby up. Or, if you indeed have an outfit to wear, it’s much better for you to consult with your photographer before starting your photoshoot session.

The tips described above are based on general recommendations that Raleigh newborn photographers usually make to their clients. At Sally Salerno Photography, you would be able to have pre-session consultation with your photographer, allowing you to be more confident ahead of your newborn photoshoot session.

5 Tips for a Newcastle Wedding Photographer to Book More Weddings

Newcastle wedding photographerIs it easy to work as a wedding photographer that is always bringing satisfying results to your clients? Probably not. But it’s a must. Yet, we are here to tell you that there are ways to not just satisfy, but overwhelm your clients with what you do. Follow these 6 tips from professionals and brides themselves and you will find yourself flooded with offers in the next few months.


A good photographer is someone who looks reliable from the get-go. Why? Couples can’t spare a single doubt in hiring the right photographer because, after their wedding that seemed to end in a flash, they are only left with the pictures you took. They can’t risk someone who takes too long to reply emails, chats or return their calls.

Enjoyable company

Aside from giving prompt replies, it’s important to develop a friendly attitude that makes it easy for your clients to trust you. People can get nervous and even stressed out with all their wedding preparations that might have span for more than a year. The least you can do is be that friend who tells them, “Trust me, your wedding pictures are going to be perfect, so let me remove that one worry from your shoulder.”


There is probably nothing else that can sum up to the power or review aside from the portfolios you show. Reviews of people who have worked with you as their Newcastle wedding photographer will heavily affect what future clients think about you. If you haven’t got enough reviews, there are many ways to do this.

Offering your services to your relatives as well as heavy marketing will help you find more people to build a customer base. Be proactive in asking these people to leave you honest reviews of yourself!

Consistent style

One thing that clearly differentiates amateurs and beginners from professionals is their style. There are many who hold cameras and shoot all the time, but can’t be sure what their style is. They can’t explain how they produce their pictures and explain to clients what makes them different. But as a professional, you cannot afford not knowing what your style is.

Show this by uploading portfolios pictures that are not just ‘the best’, but also tell people your shooting style. You should also add descriptions to your working methods.

Be more than satisfying; delight them

What really makes people think you are exceptional is not because they find you capturing their pictures for the whole day. It’s also not the fact that they managed to edit, decorate and deliver the album on time. It’s because you managed to do something more than you promised them. This can be done by coming early and staying until late at night. Or sending their wedding proofs within the week of their wedding.

It’s those unexpectedly good things that those people are eager to tell others about. “I got my proofs just 2 days after my wedding!” or “My photographer stayed up until after the party. He didn’t want us to miss a single moment of the day!”

By following these 6 tips, a Newcastle wedding photographer can easily get more bookings as Darren Irwin Photography does!

Questions a Leeds Wedding Photographer Must Be Able to Answer

leeds wedding photographerAs a professional Leeds wedding photographer, you don’t really get to appear non-professional. The job that they are entrusting you is so big and important that they expect you to be able to always give them a good answer. Yet, wedding photography is not as easy as saying that you will do your best or if you’ll see about it.

Can you help us choose the most suitable package?

Most clients really don’t know the right wedding photography package they should get. For their first and hopefully last wedding ever, your clients really need your suggestions. They want you to be able to convince them that they make the right decisions and won’t regret it. So, here’s how you do it.

Understand what seems to be their priority at this point: is it the number of pictures, the quality, as well as their budget. Most clients already have mentally imagined their budget, but it can easily go up if they see fit. Although, there are some who can’t allow it to go up at all cost. Whatever you want to offer, emphasize that ‘quality of pictures are important’ no matter how much they pay, because those are also the same pictures they will keep for the rest of their life.

Are you insured?

And the correct answer has to be yes. But no, you are not supposed to lie.

It’s very important for a wedding photographer to be insured because the job entails a lot of responsibilities. Your clients want to make sure that you are always prepared and protected, so you can always deliver high-quality results. An insured Leeds wedding photographer is also seen as more reliable because that’s the kind of investment professionals make.

What do you work as a wedding photographer?

Your clients want to know how wedding photographers work and for the most parts, they are still not sure which style works great with them. They might have done their own research online and has an idea of what they are asking, but anyway, explains to them how this may affect them.

Wedding photographers have different working styles. Some are more comfortable by staying invisible. Some prefer to be able to direct the scene and capture staged pictures that are fun and entertaining. Of course, different working styles will create a different mood on your pictures. Explains to your clients that is great about your working style and how that fits into the kind of pictures they are looking for.

I have a list of poses I want to try. Can you help me with them?

This is a sensitive question because most of the time, your clients just want you to say yes. It’s not always the truth because it really depends on how extreme the pictures are. Sometimes it’s probably, but others, it’s not really easy to recreate a professional taken and edited a picture of a professional model.

Give them an optimistic answer and emphasize that you want their pictures to be special. You can try to recreate those pictures when you have free time. A Leeds wedding photographer should also be knowledgeable like Kirsty Mattson in explaining how some might have failed in trying to recreate them, how Pinterest can be a dangerous hole to step into.

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Wedding Photography Business

wedding photographyThinking of starting your very own photography business? Then, you are in the right place. We all know that arriving at this decision to be your own employer must no have been easy. You must have taken a lot of actors int consideration before committing yourself to the prospect of owning your own business.

As such, it would only make a whole lot of sense if you sought for direction on how to go about it. In this article, we will be taking a look at the practical steps you need to take to get your business off and running on its feet. They are:

  • Registration

For your business to be considered as a legal enterprise, you need to ensure that the name and the service being offered are registered with the relevant government body. Registration of the name of your company help you protect it legally from problems that may arise. These problems can vary from anything like misuse of business name by criminals, tax problems etc. If you do not know how to go about registering your business, contracting the services of knowledgeable attorneys would be wise. Although you can expect them to charge a certain fee for any assistance rendered.

  • Equipment

Now that you have your business name already registered, the next thing you need to look at is creating the right setup. You cannot have a business without the necessary tools to accomplish the purpose of it. Since you will be rendering a service of capturing the image of couples on their special day, then you will need to buy photography equipment. Everything from cameras, flashes, studio lights, laptops, storage devices etc. You do not have to get everything at once if you are working on a tight budget. You can always sit down and rank the tools according to their order of importance and buy them based on this.

  • Website

Since you are just starting out in the business of wedding photography, something you need to consider is your visibility and how to attract clients. There are various ways to go about gaining clients from getting referrals from friends to visiting networking events. However, can you always rely on word of mouth and your physical presence to sway individuals to patronize your service? The answer is no! This I where owning a website becomes important.

Most times, when individuals require a certain service, the internet is often their preferred mode of gaining a solution. With owning a website, you can attract traffic from interested individuals. Ranking on search engines also improves your visibility. The higher the visibility you have, the higher the chances you have of converting sales leads to actual customers. That means, relying on referrals will not be your only means of gaining new clients.

To understand more about running a business or other important aspects you need to look at to ensure your business operates in the right manner, the best thing to do would be to visit wedding photography

Everything You Need to Know About SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographersHave you ever wondered why certain websites seem to show up in the first pages of search engines? If you type a search query such as SEO for photographers into a search engine like Google, you are bound to see multiple results. These results that turn up are as a result of varying resources having the information you need. Google then makes use of certain criteria to determine the results that should rank first and other positions.

So, this may very well explain the reason why the website you dedicated hours to create content for and design for the public is currently ranked number 100 on search engines. This does not necessarily mean that the content you have hosted on your site is bad. It may actually be an indication that there are certain things you are not doing right. The fact that you do not have a good ranking on a popular search engine such as Google means that traffic to your site will be greatly affected.

Therefore, you need to polish your website by improving everything from the image load capacity to the use of tags among others. Below, we have listed out some tips to help you with this. They are:

  • Always Backlink

When talking of backlinks, it is important to note that quality is better than quantity. A link of an authority site on your website is bound to do you more good than several links from mediocre sites. Having dodgy sites serve as backlinks on your page may actually end up doing you more harm than good as search engines like Google penalize websites for this. Now, as a photographer, the opportunity to make use of backlinks for your website is presented to you on a platter. Think about it. You already work with several vendors from florists to planners. Why not link to those sites?

  • Content should be for target audience

When talking of SEO for photographers, another thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that your website should be created with the whole intention of educating your audience. You are a photographer so your content should be about the services you offer and how they can be of use to the couple getting married. A wedding photographer with a website should have content aimed at the audience of wedding couples or those interested in taking the plunge. Generic content will not target your readers to your customers. You need to identify their need and make use of your content to provide a veritable solution.

  • No duplicates

Once upon a time, a lot of websites had similar contents on them. What the owners would do to differentiate the content was change a few keywords and upload the changed content on a new page. This may have worked in the past but with the upgrades made to search engines, this can no longer be done without repercussions from Google. You can decide to create content on the same topic just make sure you do it in a whole new way to avoid it coming out as duplicate content.

For more on seo for photographers, visit