5 Tips for a Newcastle Wedding Photographer to Book More Weddings

Newcastle wedding photographerIs it easy to work as a wedding photographer that is always bringing satisfying results to your clients? Probably not. But it’s a must. Yet, we are here to tell you that there are ways to not just satisfy, but overwhelm your clients with what you do. Follow these 6 tips from professionals and brides themselves and you will find yourself flooded with offers in the next few months.


A good photographer is someone who looks reliable from the get-go. Why? Couples can’t spare a single doubt in hiring the right photographer because, after their wedding that seemed to end in a flash, they are only left with the pictures you took. They can’t risk someone who takes too long to reply emails, chats or return their calls.

Enjoyable company

Aside from giving prompt replies, it’s important to develop a friendly attitude that makes it easy for your clients to trust you. People can get nervous and even stressed out with all their wedding preparations that might have span for more than a year. The least you can do is be that friend who tells them, “Trust me, your wedding pictures are going to be perfect, so let me remove that one worry from your shoulder.”


There is probably nothing else that can sum up to the power or review aside from the portfolios you show. Reviews of people who have worked with you as their Newcastle wedding photographer will heavily affect what future clients think about you. If you haven’t got enough reviews, there are many ways to do this.

Offering your services to your relatives as well as heavy marketing will help you find more people to build a customer base. Be proactive in asking these people to leave you honest reviews of yourself!

Consistent style

One thing that clearly differentiates amateurs and beginners from professionals is their style. There are many who hold cameras and shoot all the time, but can’t be sure what their style is. They can’t explain how they produce their pictures and explain to clients what makes them different. But as a professional, you cannot afford not knowing what your style is.

Show this by uploading portfolios pictures that are not just ‘the best’, but also tell people your shooting style. You should also add descriptions to your working methods.

Be more than satisfying; delight them

What really makes people think you are exceptional is not because they find you capturing their pictures for the whole day. It’s also not the fact that they managed to edit, decorate and deliver the album on time. It’s because you managed to do something more than you promised them. This can be done by coming early and staying until late at night. Or sending their wedding proofs within the week of their wedding.

It’s those unexpectedly good things that those people are eager to tell others about. “I got my proofs just 2 days after my wedding!” or “My photographer stayed up until after the party. He didn’t want us to miss a single moment of the day!”

By following these 6 tips, a Newcastle wedding photographer can easily get more bookings as Darren Irwin Photography does!