4 Ways to save your Wedding Pictures

No one needs to say it before you attest to the fact that the wedding day counts as a momentous occasion and it will definitely be one of those events holding a place of importance in your heart. For most brides, it is not rare to find that this is one occasion that has held a place of prominence in their dreams and as such the day is always looked forward to eagerly. They then plan everything that has to do with the wedding intricately from hiring the Northwales wedding photographer to arranging for a venue. However, they forget one thing and that is what to do with the wedding pictures.

For most people, the natural way to preserve the wedding pictures is to enclose them in a wedding album and storeNorth Wales wedding photographer them somewhere. Although this method is more traditional, did you take into consideration the fact that physical damage can happen to them and your wedding memories can be lost for good? Having this loss occur can be devastating to something that holds a sentimental value.

Therefore, one thing to be taken into consideration when it comes to getting wedding pictures and hiring a North Wales wedding photographer is how to preserve the memories for the long term. The pictures taken by the wedding photographer should not be the only ones you worry about as chances are high of your friends and family members taking pictures and wanting to pass them across to you. So what method do you use to make sure all these pictures are saved.

Cloud Storage

We live in the 21st century and it is regarded as the age of the internet. You can basically find anything on the internet which means you can definitely save anything on the internet. How is that possible? The answer is simple through cloud storage. There are a lot of free storage providers on the internet and there are some you may need to pay for. Even your North wales wedding photographer may be using this option to backup their work files. Examples of cloud drive range from iCloud, Google Drive etc.

External Media

So you may find it hard to believe that the private pictures you upload for safekeeping online are not open to hacking. If that is the case, you can always make use of an external device. The external media can be put to use in backing up or storing the pictures and you can have duplicate copies of them kept in different locations in case of a loss. Examples are USBs, Hard drives and DVDs. The North Wales wedding photographer will also provide you with a soft copy of your wedding pictures on a DVD if you request for it.

Wedding Archives

The wedding archives are just like photo albums. In them you get to arrange you pictures according to the style you want. They come in different shapes and sizes with different styles. The front of these album also have decorations that can be personalized to your taste and the material they are made from is plastic so as to preserve the pictures for as long as possible.