4 Tips on What to Wear in the Photoshoot with Your Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Raleigh newborn photographerWhen you finally decide to have a newborn photoshoot for your beautiful newborn baby, one thing you’d probably ask your Raleign newborn photographer would be about what to wear for the session. This indeed has become one of the most asked questions ahead of a newborn photoshoot. The responses given by each photographer would be unique as each one comes with his own distinct style. Therefore, you need to really understand what you expect your photographer to deliver, as well as what style that fits you the best.

What to wear

Every photographer has different taste and preference in capturing the moments of your newborn. Therefore, the recommendation of clothing and accessories that a photographer may propose to you would be different from the recommendation made by another. This is where your own perferred style plays a role.

It’s best to hire someone who is on the same page as you are rather than forcing yourself to follow the standards and style he’s established for himself. This will bring more joy and confidence throughout the process. That being said, it is essential for you to conduct pre-session consultation with the photographer to make sure that both of you could work hand in hand together to produce the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Out of so many potentials of different preferences that your Raleigh newborn photographer may have, there are several points that every photographer would recommend in general. These points are as follow:

Neutral colors

Commonly, a photographer will recommend you to wear your neutral-colored outfit, so that it won’t distract the color theme of your surrounding. Your newborn baby is the center of attention after all, so wearing neutral palate will ensure that people’s attention is targeted on her. The neutral palate in this regard is not always plain white. You could also wear your bold neutral gray or navy-colored sweater for instance, as long as it isn’t far-fetched with your room’s color theme. A photographer would normally allow only four colors top in his frame.


For moms, any fabric that has texture would be your best choice as it will boost your confidence for a photoshoot after giving birth. To add more interest, your photographer would usually recomment you to wear any clothing with textures on it. This is advisable as long as your clothing does not distract any view of your newborn baby.

No black

In general, black isn’t a recommended color to wear for your newborn photoshoot session. This particular color will leave a darker feeling to the final shots. However, you could wear your best black-colored outfit if you want the photoshoot to be done in a black and white color theme. Other than that, it’s better for you to avoid black as best as you could.

Proper fit

It’s not easy to find a proper fit outfit for your newborn baby. Although it says that it is designed for newborn babies, most of the times it actually isn’t. That being said, you could consider swaddles to cover your baby up. Or, if you indeed have an outfit to wear, it’s much better for you to consult with your photographer before starting your photoshoot session.

The tips described above are based on general recommendations that Raleigh newborn photographers usually make to their clients. At Sally Salerno Photography, you would be able to have pre-session consultation with your photographer, allowing you to be more confident ahead of your newborn photoshoot session.